Monday, May 8, 2017

Magandang umaga! O gabi para sa inyo hehe 

It's been another week! It's starting to rain A TON here-- it just comes down in buckets. Even though I'm super lucky to have a drainage system in Baguio because the roads are still steep, the rain just flows down the road like a waterfall hahaha. I'll have photos next week.

Cultural Note for the Week: The native people that live here are called Igarots. They usually have pretty good English and Ilakano because they're all pretty old. They're aren't as many left of them anymore. But I'm pretty sure they are descendants of the Lamanites because they have colorful native clothing, dream catchers, and they worship the Great Spirit -- or something like it. I asked Sister Agner and the predominant Israel tribes here are Manasseh and Ephraim... pretty cool huh?

So this week I've had so so much rice. It's everywhere. No meal is complete without it and people think you're crazy if you don't eat a lot of it. One day I had to cook for my kabahay (roommates) and they are all Filipino so I had no idea hahaha. I ended up frying eggplant and rice, but my roommates weren't satisfied and bought a bunch of fresh fish instead haha.

So, we are struggling with investigators right now, but I know that the Spirit led us to the Buhawi family. Jonathon is 21 and was a member when he was 16 and lives with his girlfriend Grace and his little boy. They let us in and Grace started reading the Book of Mormon even though she is Catholic and doesn't understand it a whole lot -- there's street Tagalog and deep (malalim) Tagalog and it's hard to read deep literature most people don't understand it well. Bishop said we can help them get married and they are really excited. Jonathon left work just to listen to us. The Spirit was in our lesson and I hope we can get them to church because Grace and him have so much potential. I know it wasn't a coincidence that we met them.
I've been reading about Christ visiting the Nephites after His Resurrection. Seeing him descend out of heaven must have been the most incredible experience I can't even describe. He stayed with them when they asked Him to stay and he healed them all. I know that He feels the exact way about us -- His compassion is perfect and I know He will heal us. We just need to have faith and trust in His perfect timing. I know that is true. I know that He loves all of us. And if you read in 3 Nephi about His visit to the Nephites you will know that He is our Savior and Redeemer and will do anything for us. We just have to trust Him and keep moving forward and that faith will lead us to follow Him and repent everyday. That is how the Atonement will strengthen us and change us--- faith unto repentence and then making covenants with God to follow Him -- that is how we can become like Him and live together forever with our families. I just wish I could tell everyone about it -- it's an impossible concept to understand unless the Spirit tells you.
Mahal kita!!! Can't wait to Skype on Mother's Day! Minamahal ko ang lahat ng mga nanay at lahat ng mga ginagawa nila para sa amin! Magtiwala kayo sa Diyos! Trust in God! Trust that mangyayari ng mg himala! That miracles will happen!​

Lahat ng Aking Pagmamahal,
Sister Porter 

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