Monday, June 19, 2017

Kumusta po sa Inyong lahat!?!!

So guess what?!?! We had a special transfer for maraming missionaries that have been around 4 months in their area and sooooo... I got transferred!! It was hard to leave my old area, especially because I left so suddenly that I didn't get to say goodbye to everyone that I wanted to. Who knows if I will be able to see them again?? It was hard to say goodbye, and Sister Baconawa hasn't had a whole lot of time to get to know the area, but I am just going to have to trust that Gods got everyone taken care of.

So Goodbye to Baguio! And Hello San Fernando!!!

Its beautiful down here too! I will send more photos next week but my apartment is only a few minutes walk from the beach and right next to the mission home. We're going to start running on the beach! BUT.... It's SOOOOO HOT!!! I'm dying down here I've never drunk so much water in my whole life. We have to sleep with electric fans to keep from overheating hahaha. Seriously though so hot. and it's not even the hottest part of the year -- April and May are the hottest months talaga.


Yup. Lahat kami ay Americana. 3 White Chicks in San Fernando. But this is their last transfer before they go home at the end of July. SOBRANG MAGALING SILA. They're basically the AP sisters. They travel a lot and have been in the office making a big musical devotional for the whole mission and they do a lot for the President. They are also such good missionaries! I was blown away this week by the ward's willingness to work with us in visiting our new investigators and less actives.

Basically I love love my new companions. We all had a talk the other day and basically said that we were each the answers to each other's prayers. Sister Walters and Sister Bleak have a ton of weight on their shoulders and not used to people helping them out, so I've been able to serve them a lot. And help each other stay relaxed and happy even when we're all stressed hahaha. And talaga they've been answers to my prayers in my work. I love working with them! We literally get to talk to everyone! And our lessons were so smooth and perfect! We felt the Spirit so strong, our transitions were beautiful and we supported each other, we got to serve our investigators and ward members. Basically we got back home from work so happy. "This is the DREAM!" -- Sister Bleak

Totoo that a mission isn't easy! But I'm so excited to be in this area and work so hard! I'm learning SOOOO much from this area already and how to be the best missionary I can be. I'm so grateful to be here!

Challenge for you all: Apply 1 Nephi 17 in your life. I felt like I learned SOO much from this chapter this week. 
Just like Nephi was asked to build a ship by the Lord, everything was just handed to him. He had to labor and ask and believe and He knew that things would work if he did it the Lord's way, The Lord was their light and strengthened them in their wilderness even though there were afflictions. We can look back and see that He gave us all those things the whole time even if we didn't understand everything at the time. I hope the same thing goes for us in our personal journeys in the wilderness. I don't think that Nephi's journey was a straight line. Sometimes they made mistakes and went off track. But when they were faithful and diligent they made it to their promised land. It may take more time then we want, but someday we will become the person God designed us to be and we will make it if we trust Him.

Sa sasunod! 

Sister Porter

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