Monday, June 5, 2017

Magandang umaga po!

I'm sitting here in a crowded computer shop listening to all these Filipinos yelling at computer screens trying to watch the NBA final -- hahaha it makes me laugh so hard. Filipinos are seriously the cutest people on the entire planet. I love them so much.

Let's see... what happened this week. So this week I'm leading the area so we decided to try and find some areas that no missionaries have been to in my area -- the result -- I've testified to hundreds of people this week-- even if it's not for long. I think I've hit my personal record for how many doors I've knocked on in one week. I hope that if I continue in faith, that we will find some people ready for the gospel. It's amazing that all Filipinos have such strong faith in the Savior Jesus Christ; there's some kind of church on almost every street of hundreds of types of denominations really. The challenge is to create an environment where the Holy Ghost can testify to them about the Restoration of the Gospel. I don't believe any effort is wasted; every Book of Mormon placed, every testimony born-- it plants a seed for the Holy Ghost to work with. For example, I've been helping my bishop find less active names in the ward. I found one family this week whose parents were active when they were teenagers. It was the birthday party of their now 8 year old Alec and we came in and sang I am a Child of God for them. Although they are now active in another religion and rejected us, I know they felt the Spirit with that song. They asked for a copy and the parents knew the lyrics to the song even though it had been 20 years and the lola (grandma) asked for a copy. The Spirit testifies through song. We placed a Book of Mormon and left. I know that this is the gospel of Jesus Christ and even when we are rejected, I believe in the Lord's timing.

So, I live in an apartment with all Filipinas, and I'm basically Filipina daw hahaha. they  love my Filipina cooking ( Sister Baconawa makes me cook her pancit all the time -- the traditional noodle dish here). I'm pretty proud hahaha. 

I just thought I'd share what I've been learning about faith. I think it's what I've been trying to learn the most about on my mission so far. The Bible Dictionary has my favorite definition (below):

God is perfect, even though we are not yet perfect. We make so many mistakes, but I know that even when times are tough and we feel that we are not worthy of the Savior's love and help, that it is a lie. If we continue to believe in Him and keep trying to make right choices even though we will always always fall short, He loves us more than we can imagine. I love my Savior with all my heart. I thank Him for my hardships and everything I've seen here even though it isn't easy because I love my Savior all the more because of it. I refuse to believe that we are alone. There is a reason for everything. Blessings come, even if we have to wait on the Lord's timing. They will come!

I love you all so so very much! My family and friends who always are there and thinking of me even though I'm on the other side of the world! That means all the world to me! Mahal ko kayo!! Nakasentro sa plano ng ating Ama sa Langit ay ang mga pamilya. Naniniwala po ako na maramdaman po ninyo ang pagmamahal Niya at ang mismo ni JesuCristo mula sa Aklat ni Mormon at sa lahat ng karanasan sa inyong buhay! Ito ang Ebanghelyo ni JesuCristo -- ang plano na makabalik sa Kanya -- Tayong LAHAT! this gospel is for every single person willing to repent and come to their Savior Jesus Christ - -no matter what they've done. We are never too far from His love

Sister Porter

Faith is to hope for things which are not seen, but which are true (Heb. 11:1Alma 32:21), and must be centered in Jesus Christ in order to produce salvation. To have faith is to have confidence in something or someone. The Lord has revealed Himself and His perfect character, possessing in their fullness all the attributes of love, knowledge, justice, mercy, unchangeable, power, and every other needful thing, so as to enable the mind of man to place confidence in Him without reservation. Faith is kindled by hearing the testimony of those who have faith (Rom. 10:14–17). Miracles do not produce faith, but strong faith is developed by obedience to the gospel of Jesus Christ; in other words, faith comes by righteousness, although miracles often confirm one’s faith.
Faith is a principle of action and of power, and by it one can command the elements, heal the sick, and influence any number of circumstances when occasion warrants (Jacob 4:4–7). Even more important, by faith one obtains a remission of sins and eventually can stand in the presence of God.

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